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Scare Texas releases one new paranormal investigation video on the first Sunday of each month on our YouTube Channel. In our scary videos, we investigate haunted spots in Texas such as hospitals, hotels, jails, abandoned places, old houses, historical sites, and much more.


We use modern techniques combined with proven methods from the past. We utilize ghost hunting tools such as the SB-7 Ghost Box, dowsing rods, thermal meters, full spectrum night vision cameras, and lasers. By using these tools, we are able to bring you the most legitimate ghost hunting videos on the internet. 

Haunted Videos and More

We risk everything to capture real paranormal evidence in order to bring you the scariest videos on YouTube.


Some people call us crazy and we are okay with that. While we primarily focus on haunted places in Texas, we tend to cross state lines to investigate the unknown. What will we find next? 

Paranormal Activity Help

Are you in need of paranormal expert services? We offer free investigations within Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Colorado, and New Mexico. We can help you get to the bottom of what is keeping you up at night. Our expert team is prepared to handle anything from demonic entities to loved ones who have passed away. We can help. 

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